The Total Platform for
Complete Modernization

rKube Modernize your legacy applications with ease using our 6 powerful R modules and achieve up to 10x faster time to market, and impressive reductions in middleware licenses and cloud costs. Stay ahead of the competition with our efficient and effective solution

Introducing Modernization Hub

Our web application modernization solution provides a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all modernization patterns and frameworks, enabling you to streamline your application modernization efforts and achieve greater efficiency and agility in your operations.

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The most complete platform for unlocking transformative modernization capabilities.

Streamlined Innovation

By using rKube, businesses can streamline their code development process, allowing them to focus on innovation and delivering high-quality applications to market faster.

Insightful Modernization

rKube provides valuable insights to businesses on the cost of modernizing their applications, based on factors such as complexity and migration effort.


Businesses can save costs and focus on their core competencies by using rKube, rather than worrying about security breaches and compliance issues.

Dependency Insight

Understand your overall application dependencies, by levering our Common Code feature, helping you reduce modernization cost and efficiently plan your strategy.

Enhanced Sustainability

Reduce resource footprint and promote sustainability by migrating to optimized application runtimes running Liberty, while leverging better performance and availability.

Monolith Decomposition

We help you decompose your Monolith to Microservices, by using AI and levering your functional testing. We also generate them for you with all the glue required to have a functional application.

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Experience the benefits of our web application modernization solution for yourself by trying it on your own legacy applications. Our powerful and efficient modules can help you achieve faster development, easier migration, enhanced security, and reduced costs. Upgrade your applications to the cloud and stay ahead of the competition with our all-in-one solution.